01. The Gulpener Brewery

02. Pride in our Process

03. Malt and Mashing

04. The Boiling Point

05. Blue Bottling

06. Truly Sustainable

  1. 01. The Gulpener Brewery

    We brew Neubourg Pilsner at the Gulpender brewery in Gulpen, a delightful village in the Limburg region of the Netherlands.

    We have been brewing beer here since 1825, when we started living and working alongside the local farmers who still cultivate our organic ingredients and make up the heart and soul of our beer.

    We believe that our people and location are as important to our beer as any of the ingredients themselves.


  2. 02. Pride in our Process

    Before you can drink it, our delicious pilsner goes through several stages of development: from the crushing of the malts to the capping of our trademark blue bottles.

    However, we are proud to say that pasteurisation is not one of those stages. Not only would pasteurising waste a huge amount of energy, it would also detract from the pure taste of Neubourg, which our masterful staff have crafted with such passion and finesse.

  3. 03. Malt and Mashing

    First, we crush the malt (made from germinated and roasted barley, wheat and rye) to prepare it from a process called mashing. This involves heating the malt in water to convert the starches into sugars, which can be fermented into alcohol later.

    The resulting liquid is called a mash, which we strain to remove all the grain husks and leave only a sugary solution known as the wort – ready for the next phase. The solid residue is then used as fodder by farmers across Limburg.

  4. 04. The Boiling Point

    To add the bitterness and other flavours that give Neubourg its unique taste, we cook the wort with locally-grown organic Reijmerse hops and then cool it to 8-12 ° C.

    Then we add yeast, which turns the sugars into alcohol, carbon dioxide and various other components.

  5. 05. Blue Bottling

    In order for Neubourg to develop its remarkable taste and be worthy of a blue bottle, it must first mature in our cellars for around 6-8 weeks.

    After maturation, it is filtered to be clear and then bottled by a carousel filler that ensures no oxygen can get inside and alter the taste.

  6. 06. Truly Sustainable

    Beer has been around since 4000 BC and, although it has undergone major developments in terms of usage and taste over the millennia, the basic ingredients remain essentially unchanged: grains, hops, yeast and water.

    Even so, Neubourg Pilsner only contains sustainable, organic ingredients from suppliers who are certified by the Dutch environmental quality label, Milieukeur.

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