Our History

Entrepreneurship is in our blood. We have been a family business since we started brewing beer in 1825 and, by adapting and developing to meet every new challenge, our innovative strength has grown over the generations.

We brew Neubourg Pilsner at the Gulpener Brewery, in Gulpen in the Limburg region of the Netherlands. No matter how large our production has grown, we strive to maintain our regional character, quality products and transparency.

Above all else we cherish our suppliers and employees, whose enormous wealth of knowledge and experience is the foundation of our business. We also embrace all our clients and customers, especially those who know how to have a good time and enjoy a well brewed and freshly poured beer.


People. Planet. Profit.

We believe in growing our business, but this has never been our main goal. Instead, we place the creation of value above the creation of profit; we want to brew the best beer we can whilst supporting the region of Limburg, the people at the heart of our community and the environment on the whole.

This commitment to sustainability runs as deep as the wells from which we draw our water. We have been truly sustainable for over a decade and continue to gather our ingredients from 60 different local organic farmers, all of whom love and care for the land as much as we do. We make sure to recycle any leftover water from our production process and send the husks of our grain to regional farmers, who use it as animal fodder.

We embrace our corporate social responsibility because it genuinely fits into our overall vision for our business and the greater relationship between humanity and the environment. We have promised to scrutinise ourselves as thoroughly as we inspect our suppliers and are dedicated to ensuring we will never have to criticise a single aspect of our manufacturing and business processes.

Always looking for taste. Always alert. Always looking for improvements.”

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